What is Microneedling?

Microneedling is a unique fractional technology that offers exceptional results rivaling fractional laser resurfacing and chemical peels without the pain, downtime, and removal of precious skin layers, regardless of skin type. Instead of using laser energy to burn these microchannels through the skin, our system uses disposable needle cartridges to create microchannels. This mechanical creation of microchannels avoids the use of heat, thermal energy, or chemicals and virtually eliminates post treatment sensitivity and down-time while achieving spectacular results. Additionally, these microchannels allow large topical molecules that normally cannot penetrate the skin, to pass through the microchannels and help beautify the skin. Without the creation of micro channels these essential ingredients have significant challenges being absorbed into the skin.  Our aesthetician uses topicals specifically designed for microneedling, to providing the treatment area with necessary nutrients to rapidly improve the appearance of the skin.

How is our system superior to traditional microneedle roller devices?

Manual microneedle rollers may tear the skin as the needles penetrate and are simultaneously moving sideways as the roller is rotated across the skin creating micro tears instead of microchannels. This unintentional tearing causes unnecessary bleeding, bruising and post operative discomfort due to the rolling cyclinder design of the manual micro needle roller. These microrollers are expensive and cannot be reused. Proper administration of microneedling often necessitates adjusting the depth of needle penetration and with manual microneedle rollers, this requires the use of yet another expensive microroller set to a different depth, doubling (or more) your treatment consumable cost. Additionally, the large roller design makes it difficult to impossible to maneuver in delicate areas such as the upper lip, nose, and close to the eye region. Unlike manual microrollers, our system incorporates a state of the art automatic microneedling stylus that uses a vertical reciprocal motion to rapidly create microchannels through the skin to a preset depth, eliminating tearing and simultaneously delivering topicals (to beautify the skin). Research has shown that comfort is increased with the use of a vibrating stylus during treatment.

Can microneedling be combined with other treatments such as chemical peels?

As microneedling is minimally invasive, the recovery is much faster than with most other treatment modalities. Microneedling can be alternated with other treatments such as chemical peels, IPL, and other modalities.

Can microneedling be done on all skin types?

Unlike laser, IPL, and chemical peels, microneedling can be done on all skin types without fear of hypopigmentation, hyperpigmention, burning, and most importantly, recent mild to moderate sun exposure. Gone are the days of rescheduling due to having been at the pool prior to treatment.

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