Hair Removal

Eyebrow Shaping      $15

If you have never had your brows waxed before or the shape is not good, we can make them look perfect again.  Each person has a unique shape for their brows–sometimes thick, sometimes thin, and sometimes in between.  If you need help finding the perfect look, you should schedule a brow shaping.


Lip  or Chin   $12 ea

It is not uncommon for women to develop darker or coarser hairs around the mouth or chin.  This hair growth is due to certain hormonal changes.  Waxing the lip is a simple process, but sometimes the skin stays red a bit longer in this area, so don’t schedule a lip wax on the same day as a big event.


Face Wax     $35-$40

Your face includes a lip wax, a chin wax, along the sides of the jawline, and depending on the individual, sometimes a brow wax.  By combining several different areas, you save money over the individual menu prices.

*Please inform us if you are using Retin A or Alpha Hydroxy Acids as these products can increase sensitivity.

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